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Grandfather Alex, married for 45 years, believes grandson should have the same right to marry

“I’m Alex and I’m 104. I was married 45 years”, begins the emotional video shared by the Equality Campaign, Australia’s national campaign to win marriage equality for all Australians.

“Betty died in 2009, we had a happy marriage,” Alex continues, “having lived through 104 years, you accept people as they are.”

Grandson Paul then appears on screen:

“When my mum told my Pa that I was gay, his first reaction was, ‘Well, I knew since the boy was 16.’

“A couple of weeks ago I sent my Pa an email, because of course all 104-year-olds are on email, and I asked him how he felt about the same-sex marriage survey. He got back to me straight away and his first line was, ‘Dear Paul, The answer is YES!’”

“Pa” Alex ends the video by saying: “I was very proud and why shouldn’t I be.”

Watch the video here

The country is currently “voting” on whether marriage rights should be extended to same-sex couples but it’s not a binding referendum.

However, Sky News Australia found major support for marriage equality in a poll of more than 5,000 Australians.

64% of respondents said they had already voted “yes” to the proposal and sent their forms back with a gloriously minuscule 15.5% of respondents saying they have sent back their votes for “no”.

The vote goes on until 7 November.


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