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Not content with celebrating 50 years last year since starting the Pride movement on European soil in 1972, Pride’s heroic UK pioneers continue to take the Pride message far and wide. On 23 and 24 June, Indian audiences get the first look at their new documentary Legendary Children [All of Them Queer].

The film is an Official Selection at the 14th KASHISH International Queer Film festival, four and half thousand miles away in Mumbai, arriving just as India awaits its Supreme Court ruling on Equal Marriage.

Peter Tatchell and other protesters celebrate 50 years since the first UK Pride March

Peter Tatchell, one of the fllm’s central contributors, has just spoken to OutNewsGlobal’s Steven Smith and comments,

“It’s truly exciting that Legendary Children has been selected for the 14th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival. Being one of the top LGTBQIA+ film festivals and the biggest and most influential across South Asia, this is a significant recognition of the film’s value and importance.”

Fabulously agendered, Anglo Indian popstar and actor, Lana Pillay appears in the new India Pride documentary , Legendary Children

The film shadowed key Pride pioneers like Peter, Ted Brown, Angela Mason, Stuart Feather, Andrew Lumsden, Nettie Pollard, Julian Hows, Roz Kaveney, John Lloyd and more through the Pride 50 events of 2022. Special guests Neil Bartlett, Tom Robinson, Nathaniel J Hall, Harvey Milk’s nephew Stuart Milk and fabulously agendered pop star and actor Lanah Pillay talk about how Pride is working today, tackling issues of extreme concern at events like Manchester Pride’s ever innovative Candlelight Vigil.

Lanah, who has Anglo Indian heritage, says, “Gay Lib didn’t start with Kylie. Legendary Children will educate, disturb and illuminate you, and there’s where its enormous value lies. This splendid film says to this generation, that you cannot be cool unless you show deference toward tradition, and all those that fought and took most of the pain.” Pride pioneer and cast member Bruce Bayley is Anglo Indian and was actually born in Mumbai, “So thrilled that my family, friends and colleagues living and working in India will be able to access it.”

Leading LGBT+ distributor Peccadillo Pictures are set to release the film later in the year after a potential slate of international screening dates in Europe and the US that could include it going to Poland, Hungary and even Ukraine.

You can keep track of news on the film at Pecadillo Pictures HERE

Watch the trailer HERE

For more on the unique KASHISH international Queer Film Festival (#KASHISH2023) CLICK HERE (some films geoblocked to India audiences only).

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