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Our correspondent, Keira Thomas reviews this amazing, educational Brighton Fringe Show. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a female and lesbian, this event by long term Brighton performer, Belszki struck intrigue. Once seated, it didn’t take long before I was enrolled, ready to get my PhD in Cliteracy.

Delivered with a wealth of knowledge, understanding, much humour and wit; whilst also focusing on serious aspects of the topic – Belszki delivers a very enjoyable, fascinating and memorable show.

I was immersed in Belszki’s engagement and interaction with the audience – and as an education professional (one of the many strings to my bow), I was really impressed with Belszki’s fun range of teaching methods; including personations, a Kahoot quiz (I bloody love a Kahoot!), a sing-along about the clit (which will likely be sung when I’m next drunk), and making a clit out of playdough – all which added excellent value while learning a vast amount about the ‘elusive’ clit…and so much more!

What an education! Brighton’s Belszki teaches us all their is to learn about the clit, while making us laugh

Focusing on using the right gendered language and correct terminology when talking about the clit and vulva, it was also really interesting to see examples of how diverse clits and vulvas are. 

This left me feeling empowered, which, following the event, has sparked conversations about my newfound knowledge and understanding of such under-spoken and undervalued parts of the body, which are often seen as taboo.

The key message I hold and share from this experience, is that there’s no shame in talking about the clit and vulva, or any body part for that matter. 

There’s no shame in what your clit and vulva look like. And there’s certainly no shame in enjoying everything that the clit and vulva have to offer (amen to that!).

So, from a new Clitivist enthusiast…I whole-cliterately invite you to take a leap into the world of Cliteracy – because once you learn the cliterate knack…you don’t go back! 

Find out more about taboo smashing, Belszki’s fantastic shows and comedy workshops HERE. 

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