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When Hannah brought her popular Brighton comedy nights, Funny Girls and Indigo Club, to Worthing, I was excited to see the injection of LGBTQ+ events taking place in our up-and-coming and inclusive town of Worthing, West Sussex. Hannah and her talented performers didn’t disappoint, and due to the success of the events, they’ve continued on a monthly basis for all to enjoy evenings full of fun and laughter.

So, when I was pointed in the direction of Hannah’s mini-YouTube series, Everything’s Fine, I knew more laughs were coming my way. The series, which reminds me of a British sitcom, turns the mundane of everyday life into a comical musical – with an upbeat and catchy theme tune, and collaboration of original songs with honest lyrics, incorporated with light-hearted humour guaranteed to make you smile… Or, in my experience, will have you giggling out loud on a train full of people whilst watching my personal favourites, I Haven’t Seen Your Pussy For A While (nominated by me as the new lesbian national anthem), which now makes me see my neighbour’s pussy in a whole different light. Then there’s the Autocorrect song, which is relatable to anyone who’s ever used autocorrect and accidentally texted their partner that they’re really in the mood for a ‘duck’, and their partner comes home with Crispy Aromatic Duck from the local Chinese. An anti-climax to say the least.  

 I Haven’t Seen Your Pussy For A While (nominated by Keira Thomas as the new lesbian national anthem)

On the topic of food, Hannah ignites my inner desires for pizza and eating Nutella from the jar. So much so; after watching the Food episode, that evening I found myself little-spooning a jar of Nutella. “My name is Keira Thomas and I’m a chocoholic.” The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. 
Hannah’s unintentional quest to find that special someone, with much encouragement from her bestie, Jen, takes you on a funny journey through the trials and tribulations of WorkFoodTechnologyHealthWeatherMoneyNeighbours and Love, which left me rooting for love to prevail – whether it be love for someone else, or the love you have for yourself – because we’re all damn loveable in our own weird and wonderful ways! 

To find out more about Hannah Brackenbury’s Funny Girls and Indigo Club events click here.

To watch Hannah Brackenbury’s You-tube series click here (its free)!

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