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Maz Gordon

Maz Gordon has recently taken over as Editor-In-Chief at OutNewsGlobal, after working for many years on OutNewsGlobal, managing the advertising department and captivating us writing about her life as a queer, solo parent.  

Hugely experienced in LGBTQ & mainstream media & events, Maz has run successful global campaigns for g3 Magazine, The Alternative Parenting Show, The Diversity Career show, Pink Sofa, Planet Nation and others, as well as for smaller businesses looking to engage with the OutNewsGlobal audience. 

When not working on OutNewsGlobal, Maz runs Scotland’s first ever LGBTQ 3 night event, Oban Lesbian Weekend, as since she moved back to rural Scotland, she thought it was time to bring the lesbians to Oban! When she stops working, you’ll be likely to find Maz, wakeboarding, paddle boarding or driving round the country in her campervan.  

Oban Lesbian Weekendmaz@outnewsmail.co.uk
Steven Smith
Chief correspondent

Former celebrity hairdresser Steven has one of the most impressive little black books in the business. He knows everyone worth knowing and brings his experience and engaging writing style to OutNews Global having previously worked for The Sun. A champion of the gay scene and a genuinely lovely bloke, Steven's "Tales of a Single Middle-Aged Gay Man", published exclusively in OutNews Global, have received praise from all over the world.

Rob Harkavy
Guest Contributor

Witty, intelligent and devilishly handsome, these are just three of the adjectives Rob wishes applied to him. Although Rob will turn his keyboard to anything, he's best known for his reviews and his thought-provoking opinion pieces. Rob was at the helm of OutNews Global for six years and has been published in The Times, DIVA, Out in the City, Gay Star News and many other superb publications.  Since moving on for an impressive career development opportunity, Rob continues to excite us from time to time, with his passion for writing and working in the LGBTQ community.  

Charlotte Dingle
Senior Features Writer

Charlotte was a former editor of the pioneering lesbian title g3 magazine and the ex-editor and founder of Biscuit magazine. Under her editorial power, g3 Magazine won the prestigious Stonewall aware of publication of the year in 2009.  She has written for Cosmopolitan magazine, DIVA magazine, Curve magazine, LADBible and many more.

Charlotte brought a her special brand of humour to subjects as diverse as bisexual fashion, lesbian sheep syndrome, body hair, Pride sponsorship and alcohol abuse. 

Chatlotte died suddenly and tragically, due to chronic health complications in September 2022. Out of respect to her memory and to honour her brilliant writing, we have made the decision to leave her biography on the site.  


Izzy Thompson
Editorial Assistant

Issy Thompson is a writer based in rural Scotland. They also study literature and creative writing and enjoy reading and writing about gender theory and mental health just as much as being out walking in the hills with their dog Jill. In their spare time, they can be found in the middle of a wood or carving spoons, proving you do get non-binary people out in the country!

Andréa Oldereide
Staff writer

A Swiss citizen with a Serbo-Croat mum and a Norwegian dad, London based Andréa is as obsessed with drag as she is with dogs! In fact, her dog has its own Instagram account. Andréa prides herself on giving a voice to those who might not be able to speak up and also enjoys covering topics that would sometimes be considered “taboo” for some. 

Emily Firth
Editorial Assistant

Emily Firth is based at OutNewsGlobal’s Scottish office.  Emily has a passion for languages and has studied French, Spanish and even Russian, before completing her Masters where she developed her passion for Politics and International Relations. Emily loves to play the grammar police game, so is quite suited to her work as OutNewsGlobal’s editorial assistant.  

When not working on OutNewsGlobal, Emily studies film making and creative writing and when she stops typing you can find her canoeing round the most beautiful parts of the west coast of Scotland. 

Nicki Rodriguez
Interiors, motoring, PR

If Nicki didn't exist, someone would have to invent her. As well as being our interiors and motoring correspondent, Nicki runs her own PR company. So, as well as being relied upon to deliver excellent content, she's extremely useful to ensure that we get invited to all the right parties.

Eleanor Noyce
Staff writer

Eleanor specialised in writing about LGBTQ+ culture, internet subculture, disability, alternative music, and political activism. When she's not penning articles for OutNewsGlobal, her work can be found in Stylist, Metro, Refinery29, DIVA, Tribune, Fuzzy and The Gryphon.

Danielle Monk
Junior Staff Writer

Danielle is a NCTJ qualified journalist with a special interest in reporting on international relations/global affairs and how the LGBT community fits within that scope. When she’s not being mistaken for a straight girl in gay bars, she likes to write her own satire, sports reports and enjoys being underwhelmed by 11 men all at once by supporting Manchester United religiously.

Siobhan Fahey
Film Editor

Most people know Siobhan Fahey from the documentary REBEL DYKES (2021, Dir Harri Shanahan and Siân A Williams) which she produced.  She has also produced and directed a heap of short films with riotfilms.org 

Siobhan recently set up a Film Club in Glasgow, REBEL QUEER FILM CLUB,  showing queer cult movies, digging back into our queer movie legacy or highlighting special films from right now.  

Every month as OutNews Global Film Editor, she will be previewing the month’s REBEL QUEER FILM CLUB’s movie.  In addition, there will be the occasional interview and the odd movie review.  

Expect strong opinions mixed with a genuine fascination into how films are made and how they get out into the world.  


Adishri Chengappa
Staff Writer

Former professional women’s cricketer from India, Adishri Chengappa came to the UK as a journalism student. She has now tuned into her talent as a writer and hopes to be a healer of the world through her words. Her recent experience with DIVA magazine helped her with her sexuality as a lesbian and found that writing for the community is part of her destiny. She’s had a spectrum of experiences as a cricketer, tennis player, content writer and a social worker. She uses her experiences to be a kind and supportive journalist to whoever she speaks to or writes about.

Her stand out piece in recent times was her interview with Yorkshire folk duo, O’Hooley & Tidow from the BBC show, Gentlemen Jack. Her vision is to connect with people from all over the world on a soulful level, write their stories and her own to spread the message of peace and love. 

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