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If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to sunnier climes this summer, you need to find room in your Louis Vuitton luggage for these great holiday beauty products.


Everyone has gone barking mad about one product this year: Dr. PAWPAW. Every top make-

up artist I know has this little beauty in their make-up bag, including ‘make-up artist to

royalty’ Ginna Bogle.

Celebrities are begging for this latest must-have. It is not only cruelty-free and vegan, it has

the most amazing products from a lip-balm to moisturiser to shampoo; never is this not in my

daily bag let alone my holiday bag. Dryness frequently raises it head when the sun beats

down, so these products are powered by a trio of ingredients: pawpaw (papaya) to nourish,

aloe vera to soothe and olive oil to moisturise. These iconic products make you look and feel

good, AND benefit your skin. It honestly does what some expensive brands do. Try

Dr.PAWPAW and it will have you wagging your tail!


The award-winning shampoo is a must for anyone’s summer bag. And if your

hair is starting to thin, this should be your first port of call. My agent used it after a course of

chemo and her hair is bouncing back. This powerful formula is infused with the ultimate

blend of biotin, rosemary, caffeine, niacinamide, argan oil, allantoin, and lupin protein,

specifically designed to promote healthy hair growth and maximize your hair’s full potential.

Say goodbye to lifeless, thin hair and hello to a head full of volume and shine. Experience the

ultimate nourishment for your locks with each wash and feel confident with every strand.

Everyone will notice your hair shine at the pool.

P20 Sun Care

My goodness! This is a game changer for those of us with fair skin. I first noticed what a lovely

tan a red headed friend of mine had, “Use P20”, she said. It was hard to believe, but you apply

it an hour before you take off to the beach and it shields you for the day.

P20 gives you a range of sunscreens that offer you the highest and best in sun protection

The main difference is their ingredients. Mineral sun protection contains titanium dioxide and

zinc oxide whilst chemical sun protection includes organic and more active ingredients.

Apple Air Tag

Okay. It’s not a beauty product but it’s a lifesaver!

I do not know about you, but as my luggage goes off, I always get that sinking feeling. Will it

be there when I arrive? Or worse, will someone take my suitcase as indeed once happened to

me. It can make for bad start your holiday. With an “Apple Air Tag”, this problem ceases to be

as you can keep track of your luggage.

In addition, this versatile item can keep track of those items that matter most from keys to

your wallet. It is always a disaster when you lose one of those on holiday. If your Air Tag is

nearby, your iPhone can lead you straight to it using Precision Finding. You’ll see the

distance to your Air Tag and which direction to head in, all thanks to Ultra-Wideband

technology (compatible with select iPhone models).

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