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More stories involving Kevin Spacey are emerging and the latest involves a British teenager.

Daniel Beal, who was 19 at the time, claims the Hollywood star exposed his penis to him and then gave him his £5,000 watch in what appeared to be a bribe to stay quiet.

Daniel Beal (Facebook/DanBeal)

The actor then apparently asked the teenage barman: “It’s big, isn’t it?” before encouraging him to feel it.

The House of Cards actor stands accused of a seemingly ever-lengthening trail of sexual misconduct allegations.

It comes after US actor Anthony Rapp accused him of making sexual advances on him when he was 14.

Daniel Beal says he was on a smoking break at the bar in West Sussex, England, in 2010 when the double Oscar-winning screen giant approached him and exposed himself with no warning or encouragement.

In a strange move, Spacey then allegedly insisted that Beal take his IWC Portofino watch in exchange for his own cheap £20 Casio.

Daniel Beal (Facebook/DanBeal)

Beal accuses Spacey of “grooming,” and says he thought the actor “was joking, but he took off his watch and gave it to me.

“Looking back, I realise it was to keep me quiet,” he told The Sun.

Former bar-worker Beal said of his alleged ordeal: “Every time I tried to give him a drink he’d touch my hand in a weird way. He was drinking more and more — he got through a bottle of Jack Daniels.”

Beal claimed Spacey, who was the artistic director at London’s Old Vic theatre at the time, followed him outside and sked: “Do you smoke weed?”

Spacey then continued: “I’ve got loads in my room. Come back to my room.”

Beal says he said ‘no’, but a determined Spacey came up to him on his next smoke break.

“Before I had a chance to do anything, he got his dick out,” Beal claimed.

“I said: ‘What the f*** are you doing?’

“He said: ‘It’s big, isn’t it?’ He leaned over and tried to pull my hand towards it. I went back inside,” Beal said.

“Looking back, he was trying to manipulate me from the moment he walked into the bar.

“In hindsight, that must have been grooming. He was just like his character in House Of Cards – seedy and a bit weird,” Beal alleged.

Daniel Beal (Facebook/DanBeal)

The 19yo sold the watch for £3,200 the following day, but there was apparently more to come.

The Usual Suspects star’s aides apparently rang asking Beal for the return of the watch – and it’s alleged they made a complaint to his employer when he claimed to have lost it.

The story took yet another strange twist when, weeks later, Beal claims to have received a call from someone saying they were Spacey.

“He said: ‘What you up to? I’m in London for a few days. Do you want to do something?’”

Beal said he hung up and kept the experience to himself…until now.

“The new revelations about Spacey convinced me I should speak out.” Beal said. “People should know that he is a creep.”

In response to earlier claims from actor Anthony Rapp, Spacey said he didn’t remember climbing onto the then 14yo, but apologised for “what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour.”

He faced heavy criticism for choosing the same moment to reveal he had chosen to “live as a gay man”, with many claiming it was a ruse to distract from the sexual allegations.

Filmmaker Tony Montana then accused Spacey of sexually assaulting him in 2003, saying: “He put his hand on my crotch forcefully and grabbed my whole package.”

Montana said Spacey then told him: “This designates ownership.”

The filmmaker was in his 30s at the time and had to physically get Spacey off him.

The International TV Academy yesterday withdrew an International Emmy Founders Award it was set to give Spacey.

Meanwhile, Netflix has announced that the series House of Cards would end after Season 6, to the mixed disappointment and approval of fans.

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