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Outnews has been a huge supporter of Anna Kennedy Online’s “Autism’s Got Talent”, held annually at the Mermaid Theatre in London.

Not only does it have a huge LGBTQIA following, its diversity and inclusion is everything we try to embody with the magazine. Many celebrities have supported the charity and event.

Autism’s Got Talent does not have judges. The cream of the community showcase their talents and are selected from a vast number of entries. Many who appear go on to mainstream shows and media events.

One such success is 24-year-old Kieron Lee, who is not only one of the ambassadors of the charity, but his amazing voice has seen him rocket to fame with his first album release “Acronyms“, which is out now.

Openly bi-sexual, the autistic singer/ songwriter chats to who else but Steven Smith.

Cover image of ‘Acronyms’ by Kieron Lee

Steven Smith asks Kieron Lee Ten Questions:

1) Kieron, where do you live and who do you live with?

Birmingham, I love it, but it can be limited. The music scene could be more diverse. Living in London, where it is all happening, is not something that at present I can handle. I live with Mum and Dad and my dog Red; they are a huge supporters of me.

2) What was the first single you ever purchased?

Alexander Burke, as I loved the X Factor growing up. Now, I am not too sure about the process of reality shows. My mum bought me “The Fame” by Lady Ga Ga. She is incredible and I look at her as the ultimate performer.

3) Your idea of a perfect date?

Oh Steven, I do not really have one. It is difficult, really sorry to disappoint here but for now I am in a relationship with my work and music.

4) Who are your influences in life?

Denise Welch, she has just blown me away. She speaks for so many that struggle and still come out on top. That’s not because she is your friend Steven. Since I was in the 4th grade she was like a light to me. I only know the 1975 because of her son.

Most of my influences are woman from Angela Lansbury to Amy Winehouse. Tina Turner’s voice is what I wish to
emulate. Also, Elvis Presley as my Dad was a fan. At junior school we did “Joseph and The Amazing Dream Coat”. I was the Pharaoh Elvis impersonator. Just loved it!

5) How do you go about creating a song?

I do not follow a structure to be honest. Some do the lyrics then the music but for me it is just a natural progression.

6) Tell us about your latest album?

It is my journey through my life; I poured me into it. From a disinterested teenager to going and studying music and mastering my craft at university.

Kieron Lee’s first album, ‘Acronyms’ and how it looks

7) Who would you most like to collaborate with on a song?

Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande; their vocal ranges are incredible and it would be just great to meet them.

8) How has Anna Kennedy helped you in your career?

Steven, without Anna I do not know where I would be. There I was, a disinterested kid without much hope, and this amazing woman dropped into my life at college.

Anna asked me to sing on the “Building Bridges“ album and it changed my life. I hope Anna knows I worship the ground she walks on. Being an ambassador of Anna Kennedy makes me so proud.

9) You identify as bisexual like some of music’s greats such as Bowie, Lou Reed and Lady Gaga. When did you first kiss a boy?

I have no idea; sorry it is so hard for me to develop a relationship. To kiss someone, it must be love. My autism makes it very hard to touch anyone, and being promiscuous is not my thing, though I do not judge those who are.

10) When will you next perform live, and do you love performing to a crowd?

Next year. I wanted to do a live launch of the album but mentally I was just not up to it. Singing live I need to be at my best. Ideally singing the whole album in front of a crowd would be great.

Quick fire round:

1) Madonna or Gaga?

Gaga has been such an influence. I do not like Madonna, she does not seem very nice.

2) Mexican or Italian food?


3) Bubble baths or showers?

Bubble bath then a shower.

4) The one thing you find a big turn off in people?

A big ego

5) The one thing you would change in the world if you could tomorrow?

World Hunger. Too many people are going without.

The song ‘Acronym’ by Kieron Lee

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