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A new poll of Australians shows the country has voted overwhelmingly for equal marriage, despite increasingly divisive campaigning from the ‘no’ camp.

This ‘ironic’ video from the Coalition For Marriage Ausralia’s Facebook page takes aggressive comments from LGBT+ campaigners and tries to cast the ‘yes’ campaign in a bad light.

The tactic does not seem to be working.

The country is currently ‘voting’ on whether marriage rights should be extended to same-sex couples but it’s not a binding referendum.

Basically, it’s one massive opinion poll and then the government will decide to act on it or ignore it completely.

That being said, it would be tough for politicians to ignore a landslide result either way and it looks like there might be as much as an 80% yes vote…maybe even higher.

Sky News Australia found major support for marriage equality in a new a poll of more than 5,000 Australians.

64% of respondents said they had already voted ‘yes’ to the proposal and sent their forms back with a gloriously minuscule 15.5% of respondents saying they have sent back their votes for ‘no’.

That’s a surprisingly low level of support for the anti-equality campaign, considering Australia’s conservative governmental values and the fact that resistance during this campaign has been vocal.

It’s possible the lack of engagement from ‘no’ voters is linked to the fact that the vote is not binding and has been seen by some as a pro-equality campaign more than anything approaching a referendum.

Overall, the latest poll of 16 million Australian voters indicates a victory of 79% for the ‘yes’ campaign.

77% of Australians have returned their ballots to date and the ‘vote’ goes on until 7 November.




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