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UgandasmallA Ugandan lesbian is likely to be returned to Uganda from Yarl’s Wood immigration centre – despite having been attacked with an iron in her home country.

Despite Nick Clegg’s promise last week that the coalition would no longer deport LGBT people who faced persecution in their country of origin, 22-year-old Betty Tibikawa is facing removal from the UK.

Tibikawa’s flight from Uganda was prompted by a violent and terrifying attack. Three men took her to a disused building and branded her inner thighs with an iron, leaving left her bedridden for two months.

She told The Guardian: “I can’t sleep and I’m having terrible nightmares about what will happen to me if I’m sent back to Uganda. My family have disowned me because I’m a lesbian and I’m convinced I’d be killed if I’m sent home. I was ‘outed’ in a Ugandan magazine called Red Pepper in February of this year saying that I’m wanted for being a lesbian.”


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