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Gareth_MaloneStar of the BBC program The Choir has told the Daily Mail that he regrets never having fought back at bullies who tormented him at school.

Gareth Malone, 36, was the target of homophobic bullying at school but said that he never fought back.

Malone, who is straight and married to an  English teacher said ‘You have those moments where you don’t want to get up and go to school.

‘I was always on the edge of exploding into violence. I definitely have a temper – but I never did because I always somehow didn’t want to lose my dignity.

‘It never quite got to ‘‘I’m just going to lamp them’’, but looking back I kind of wish I had because it would have solved it.

‘I am not endorsing violence, but maybe it would have been better to just have a bit of a scrap in the playground.’

Malone was the brainchild of the group ‘Military Wives’, who took the Christmas number one single last year with Wherever You Are.

The star told the Radio Times that although he left the bullying behind at school, he endured it once again when entering the world of television.

‘It was slightly disappointing, after leaving school and leaving all that behind me from the age of about 15 to 30, to come into television and discover ‘‘Oh right, everyone is just as juvenile as the kids at school were!’’

‘I mean, I am fairly flamboyant and expressive, but I know plenty of gay people who are incredibly repressed and aren’t showy and don’t like Judy Garland, you know.’

He is now filming another series of The Choir to air on the BBC later this year.

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