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As written by OutNewsGlobal’s Senior Correspondent, Steven Smith, on Saturday 13th May, 2023.

Steven Smith explains why he thinks Philip Schofield should resign, after 20 years of hosting ITV’s This Morning show.

Please be a gentleman Phil and step down. Philip Schofield – he has been steeped in more drama over the last few years than most of our soap characters or interviewees on ITV’s This Morning show can lay claim to. 

This bland and safe face of British Television, who’s never off the box, Phillip Schofield surely must realise the tide has turned and it’s time to lay down his giant crown and bow out. 

I felt physically sick to my stomach when silver haired Phil won his first award for coming out (called the special recognition award) at the 2021 British LGBT awards. To me it showed the hypocrisy of awards. If you’re a celebrity living a double life, and affecting those around you, and coming out at 59 (or possibly pushed out),  there may be some sympathy, life is a struggle but to win a special recognition award for it? Give me a break!!  Let’s save that for the people who have really struggled. 

In 2021, Philip became emotional on his video call to accept his “special recognition” award at the British LGBT awards

The gay community leaders seemed to gather around him a like a moth to a flame.  Wake up, he has not done anything. Have you not felt the mood amongst the real community as Phil is booed at Pride by the masses? Maybe he does not deserve that, as who are we to be judge and jury, but gathering around him to get your picture taken because he has finally come out, really?  Go find someone who has fled a country where they still have the death penalty for being gay, and look up to them, or that teenager from a religious or homophobic family who had no choice but to escape to save their life.

Let’s face it sponsorship amongst sports personalities in many fields is still worrying.  Even in 2023, it appears that there is still a publicity machine forcing them to stay firmly in the closet for fear of losing money.  The big brands may have softened after the likes of “Coke Kate” (back in the noughties, for you young ones!), but the current contraversy surrounding Bud Light and their partnership with the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney shows that LGBTQ people in media still raises eyebrows! 

Philip Schofield, the “clean cut, family man next door” (who also just happens to be a white cis male in a heterosexual marriage) has brought big bucks in, not just for Schofield but for the money men around him. Embodying “the Cliff Richard feel” has felt safe for the grans, middle England, and those who read The Mail (and other tabloids), while sitting back watching him on “This Morning”, “Dancing on Ice” and many other shows.  Yes, until recently, Phil equalled safe! 

I used to joke, “Does the media world know that there are other presenters?”, and “When will someone wake up and shout “NOT AGAIN”, when a new show is announced?”

In my opinion, there should be zero pressure on Schofield to quit due to his brother’s disgusting behaviour. Guilty by association has never been something I have signed up for. Let’s face it, if that were the case there would be families with much bigger crowns who would need to step down.

No Phil, the mask has dropped and that is why it is time to move on and give someone fresh a chance to shine. You have made the big bucks, go and enjoy them! 

Please give these awards back, you’re no gay hero! 

Please let the LGBTQ Awards wake up, It is for a community that is diverse, not just the celebrity ego.

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