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stpeterLegislators in the Russian city are drafting new laws designed to
prohibit gay “propaganda”, fines would be issued to those involved ranging from 1,000 roubles
(£20) for an individual to 50,000 (£1,000) for a business.

The law would come into action for what it terms as the “propaganda of
sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, to minors.”

General manager of LGBT organization Coming Out, Russia said: “By
combining homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality into one law with sexual crimes against minors, members of the Legislative Assembly indulge in gross manipulations of public
opinion.  Their goal – to pass an anti democratic law, directed at severely limiting human rights
in St. Petersburg.

“It is also obvious that adoption of this law violates interests and
rights of minors. Russia leads the world in the number of teenage suicides, and ignoring
the issues of sexual orientation and gender indentity can lead to tragic consequences.”

“It is clear that adoption of this law would impose significant
limitations on the activities of LGBT organizations.”

In June this year police arrested 14 gay rights campaigners.  A 2005
poll said 43.5% of Russians support the re-criminalisation of homosexual acts.

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