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policecompThe Association of Chief Police Officers has launched a website to help people report hate crime.

Police believe that many crimes motivated by sexuality, race or disability go unreported and hope that True Vision’s website,, will encourage people to speak out against hate crime.

The site, which is supported by all police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, allows for crimes to be reported online, anonymously if required, and has links to organisations that offer support.

Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris, of the ACPO, said, “Whilst we are committed to reducing the incidence of hate crime, it is vital that we close the gap of under-reporting”.

Harris urges victims and witnesses to come forward and report hate crime via the True Vision website.

Professor John Grieve CBE, of the government’s Hate Crime Advisory Group said that although the UK rates amongst the highest in the world in its response to hate crime, “there is still much work to do”.

Figures released by the ACPO in November last year showed an increase in the reporting of hate crime, the majority of which was concerned with racism, and with 5000 incidents of homophobia. However, police are urging more people to report crimes.


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