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John-Bercow415A new coat of arms featuring rainbow flags and pink triangles around the words “All Are Equal” has been unveiled by the House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow.

The Speaker has given his support to many LGBT issues including civil partnerships and gay adoption.

Earlier this year Bercow hosted the launch of Kaleidoscope, a charity that helps other LGBT groups around the world, and Diversity Role Models, a charity that is tackling homophobic bullying in schools in the UK.

The coat of arms also features a ladder to represent the rise from his humble beginnings, two curved seaxes representing Essex, his university county and four balls, signifying his love for tennis.

The coat of arms was commissioned alongside this official portrait to form part of the Parliamentary Art Collection.

The coat of arms and the portrait will be displayed in the Speaker’s House alongside the portraits of his recent predecessors such as Michael Martin and Betty Boothroyd.

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