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coronation_street_sophie_sianCoronation Street’s Sophie and Sian’s wedding is imminent, but actress Brooke Vincent has indicated that there could be a few hiccups before the honeymoon.

The couple plan to elop to Gretna Green after Sophie confesses her love for Amber, but is shunned by her friend. This makes Sophie even more determined.

Corrie writers are keeping under wraps if the first ever lesbian wedding in soap land will take place, Brooke Vincent said: “Sophie, at the moment, is a bit flustered with everything. She has a lot of feelings obviously for Sian because that’s her girlfriend, but she also has feelings for Amber.”

She adds: “She finally confesses it all to Amber about how she feels but Amber isn’t that bothered to be honest. She goes home crying after Amber shuts her down, where she then suggests to Sian that they get married as soon as possible and whisks her off to Gretna Green.”


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