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gaybeerMexican micro-brewery Minerva has begun to produce artisan beers aimed specifically at the LGBT community. The beers are honey-flavoured and currently only available in Guadalajara, Mexico City and resorts such as Los Cabos in Mexico. Such is their popularity (or novelty) however, that the company may soon be selling the beers in the US, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Japan. Next stop: the UK?

The names of the beers – Salamandra and Purple Hand – are inspired by gay rights movements or colours affiliated with the LGBT community. Purple Hand for example, is inspired by the Gay Liberation Front and Society for Individual Rights protest in San Francisco in 1969, which was a response to a number of anti-LGBT articles published in local paper, the San Francisco Examiner.

Dario Rodriguez Wyler, commercial manager for the distributors of the beer, stated that, “The label on the beer bottles is designed so that it can be unglued and worn as a symbol of gay-lesbian pride.”

Should sales prove successful the brewery plans to open a ‘Purple Hand’ bar, in addition to expanding the LGBT range with a strawberry flavour and a line of wines. Power to the people.


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