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A journalist has been blasted for saying: “I’ve recently begun to get impatient with the endless trumpeting of gay ‘identity’ and the growing appetite for more and more rights and privileges.”

An article published on Sunday on the website of the Independent in Ireland has come under fire after Eamon Delany published his thoughts on the gay community which readers see as ‘patronising’ and ‘narrow minded’.

Mr Delaney criticised The Guardian’s The Three of Us feature in its family section, which is a weekly diary by two gay men raising a child with their female friend.

He stated that the writer of the feature, actor Charlie Condou, “questioned the whole convention of women being seen as naturally connected to their children.”

Charlie Condou attended and spoke at the Alternative Families Show in September, which is an event geared at giving advice to couples who wish to start a family through alternative means such as adoption, IVF, and surrogacy.

Charlie expressed in his column how the biological link is far from the most important aspect of parenting: “We stood around together talking about the absurdity and irrelevance of the ‘biological question’, and he is right, as a father neither Charlie nor his partner care and love their child any less than one another, and being caring and loving parents is surely one of the most important aspects of being a parent.

Mr Delaney response was that Charlie had questioned whether gay fathers had the same connection with their children that a woman would have. Delany said: “What about breastfeeding?, taking Mr Condou’s original quote out of context.

You can read the Independent in Ireland’s article here, and Charlie Condou’s diary here.

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