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In a report by Essex County Council pupils said they had been accused of making themselves a target for bullies by simply looking or behaving differently to other students.

Teachers also have been reported to tell students to “wear their hair differently” in order to avoid trouble.

Students spoke out at the Young Essex Assembly to discuss their daily experiences of bullying at school.  The comments mentioned by pupils will be in anti-bullying information packs, the involved school is not named.

Julie Keating, County Hall’s anti-bullying officer said: “The young people are working to make links with the training colleges, to see if they can have some impact on the training new teachers receive on how to respond to and deal with bullying issues.”

The Council’s report also says: “Teachers received very little training at college around bullying and most would welcome additional support and guidance.”

Essex County Council will use all the anecdotal evidence from the students to develop an anti-bullying information pack for trainee teachers to help them deal with bullying more effectively.

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