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AIDSribbonAn official report by the Health Protection Agency released today claims that HIV is on the rise in the UK.

According to the HPA’s data, 1 in 20 gay men in the UK are living with HIV, with this number rising to an astonishing 1 in 12 gay men within the London area.

With new diagnoses in homosexual men hitting a record high, it is expected that over 100,000 people will be living with the virus by the end of 2011.

With 1 in 5 people who visited an STI clinic refusing an HIV test, and a quarter of those affected unaware of their infection, the HPA is calling for universal testing so that anyone visiting a clinic will be made aware of their HIV status.

Where HIV was previously fatal, if diagnosed early into the infection and with the use of antiretroviral drugs, those affected can now have a normal lifespan.

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