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roger_crouchRoger Crouch, the British activist who led the charge against homophobic bullying following the death of his teenage son, has died. 

Roger’s death was reported by his wife on the Friends of Dom Crouch Facebook Page last night:

“I have the saddest news to give you. The love of my life and Giulia and Domi’s beloved Dad, died tonight.

“The changes you have started, for young people everywhere, the work you have done against bullying will remain as a towering monument to you. Our hearts break Roger, Domi, Giulia and I loved you so much.”

Earlier this month Roger Crouch was made the Hero of year at the Stonewall Awards.

15-year-old Dom Crouch took his life in May 2010 as a result of malicious homophobic bullying at school.  As a result, his parents, Roger and Paola, set up an anti-bullying campaign in his name and have been fighting against homophobia ever since.

Comments made on the Friends of Dom Crouch facebook page cited Roger as a brave, honest and compassionate man who had left behind a powerful message; a “light in the darkness”.

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