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We have an opportunity to improve trans and non binary people’s rights – but we must act now


Listen up folks, it’s all good and well to say you’re a trans ally – but actions speak louder than words, and this is a week for action.


Right now, the government is reforming the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and that means they’re seeking YOUR views on how best to reform the process of changing one’s legal gender.


The reforms will also impact on the lives on non binary and gender nonconforming folk like non binary trans activists, Fox and Owl Fisher.


“For me, reforming the Gender Recognition Act would be one step closer to equality,” Fox told Stonewall earlier this month. “Trans rights are human rights.


“In Ireland, they have recently reformed the GRA. It’s caused no big issue and has helped to give trans people the dignity they deserve.”


“If non-binary identities are recognised within the reformed GRA, it would mean that I exist in the eyes of the law,” added Owl.


“Currently, we’re a nobody. Our ID documents don’t reflect who we are, which seems like a massive contradiction to me.”



Is there something wrong with the process as it stands? We hear you ask. Well, yes actually there are a few – for one, it’s now completely out of date.


Let’s hand over to our friends at Stonewall to give us the 411…


What’s wrong with the Gender Recognition Act?


⛔ Currently, trans people have to endure a long and demeaning process to “prove” their gender identity

⛔ It’s not just distressing, it’s complex, costly and inaccessible to many trans people


Instead, Stonewall are supporting a reformed Gender Recognition Act that:


📣 Requires no medical diagnosis or presentation of evidence for trans people to get their identity legally recognised

📣 Recognises non binary identities (like Fox and Owl Fisher)

📣 And gives all trans people, including 16-17-year-olds, the right to self-determination, through a much simpler and more streamlined administrative process


To make things easier, Stonewall have created a streamlined form to make it (a lot) easier for people to respond to the government consultation.



You can make a difference to the lives of trans and non binary people living in the UK today – five minutes of your time could be worth a lifetime of happiness to someone else.


Respond to the government consultation here – #ComeOutForTransEquality before the consultation closes on 19 October 2018

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