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OutNews Global has joined an initiative by DIVA Magazine and Stonewall to offer support to the trans community in the face of sustained hostility across mainstream and social media.

In just two days, 108 organisations signed up to a full page advertisement in today’s Metro newspaper, promoting the hashtag #ComeOutForTransEquality. These include blue-chip organisations such as Barclays, Tesco and Virgin Money, LGBTQ groups including UK Black Pride, Pride in London and Umbrella Cymru, plus a host of trades unions, political parties and LGBT media companies, including Attitude, Gay Star News and Gay Times.

The ad as it appears in Metro

Charities such as The Peter Tatchell Foundation, JAN Trust and Barnardo’s also appear in the advertisement, alongside national broadcasters ITV and Channel 4.

OutNews Global’s Editor, Rob Harkavy, said “I have no hesitation in joining my sisters at DIVA, my friends at Stonewall and more than one hundred others to stand against abuse, hostility and transphobia. This has become increasingly toxic with the Government’s consultation on the Gender Recognition Act and, while I appreciate that there are those on both sides of the argument with genuine concerns, there is never any excuse for hate speech, violence and the threat of violence”

For more information about the Gender Recognition Act and how you can have your say, click here.

Linda Riley, publisher of both DIVA and OutNews Global added, “Our trans siblings just want to get on with their lives without fear of bullying or harassment. Unfortunately, there is a very vociferous minority who spend much of their time hounding the trans community, who want nothing more than to be afforded the same rights as everyone else. I’m extremely proud that DIVA, together with Stonewall, has taken the lead on this.”

Following publication of the advertisement, Stonewall issued a written statement, explaining “We, along with 107 partner organisations, have created this advert to show our unwavering support for trans equality. Over the past year, we’ve seen a disturbing increase in hate directed at trans people in the media and online. We wanted to send out a clear message: we’re proud to stand with our trans family, colleagues, customers and friends and we will keep working, together, until we achieve equality for trans people everywhere. We encourage people to join our campaign to Come Out for Trans Equality and make sure they are being visible allies to trans people.”

If you would like to express your support for trans communities on Twitter, please reference @stonewalluk, @divamagazine and use hashtag #ComeOutForTransEquality



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