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Hall-and-PreddyA cross appeal of the case of a gay couple awarded compensation after being turned away from a B&B has been withdrawn by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall were turned away from the Chymorvah Hotel near Penzance in September 2008. Owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull were ordered to pay the men £1,800 each in damages.

Preddy and Hall’s lawyers then launched a cross appeal to establish how the damages in the case had been calculated; and how they might be calculated in similar cases in the future.

EHRC legal director John Wadham said in a statement that the cross appeal had been withdrawn because its purpose had been misinterpreted and misrepresented.

He said: “It was filed initially because of an error of judgment on the part of our legal team. They submitted the cross appeal in an attempt to clarify the law around how damages are calculated in cases such as this. This resulted in it appearing that Steve Preddy and Martyn Hall were seeking to increase the amount of damages they receive because Mr and Mrs Bull’s Christian beliefs had led them to break the law.”

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