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Ex-Rangers star calls for end to homophobia in Scotland’s schools as he backs LGBTI issues to be taught in classrooms.

Derek Ferguson has endorsed the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign, which is currently lobbying the Scottish Government to introduce LGBTI education into schools to tackle high rates of homophobic bullying.

A study by the group found that nine in ten LGBTI young people face homophobia during their time at school.

Ferguson said: “We have been educating against racism and sectarianism in Scotland for over 10 years and we passionately believe that raising awareness amongst young people about the issues some of their peers may be facing helps build empathy and breaks down barriers between young people. Tackling LGBTI bulling is just as important, young people need to understand the consequences of LGBTI bullying and learn to develop good relationships and respect the differences between people, regardless of what those differences may be.”

A TIE spokesperson said: “We are delighted that Derek Ferguson has backed our campaign. It is important that diverse voices from all corners of our society – including within Scottish football – speak out against the exclusion, bullying and prejudice that many LGBTI young people face within our schools.”

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