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The body-positive star will take over with her feel-good revolution.

Gifted rapper and hair-raising gospel singer Lizzo is an artist that defies easy definition. A razor-sharp wordsmith and a classically trained flautist, she is also a passionate advocate for feminism and black empowerment.

This hard-touring warrior is equally capable of winning over audiences in London, Paris, New York, and her hometown of Minneapolis. And now she is taking her hip hop and body-positive message to the Dinah.

Lizzo recently kicked off the next leg of her Coconut Oil tour, which she is taking to Palm Springs on Saturday April 1, 2017 for an exclusive one night only live performance at the Dinah.

While she confidently stands as a role model to many women for her feminist songs about body image and self-respect, she’s also found fans in legendary male musicians including the late Prince who she performed with on his Plectrumelectrum track “Boytrouble”.

Widely acclaimed for her powerhouse vocal skills and equally potent lyrical message, Lizzo made her debut in 2013 with “Lizzobangers” earning international accolades.

Celebrating who you are has long been Lizzo’s approach. Thanks to her self-care/self-love themed songs and emotionally charged lyrics, she’s become the new queen of body-positive self-acceptance anthems.

“The 2017 Dinah is a celebration of all women who inspire, break stereotypes, and remind us that we women continue to be a powerful force with which to be reckoned. Our women’s movement will not allow the rewind button to be hit unless it’s to replay a Lizzo song. Lizzo joins The Dinah 2017 line up as the perfect example of a powerful woman defining her career her way, on her terms. We celebrate her and all women inspired by her,” says Mariah Hanson, founder and producer of the Dinah.

Learn more about The Dinah here.

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