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Questions to consider before anyone condones more poor choices on Marriage Equality from the Turnbull government.

PFLAG Parents believe Peter Dutton’s plan of a non compulsory postal vote to decide on the issue of marriage equality in this country is downright insulting. Recent Polls done by PFLAG showed the vast majority of people did not support a compulsory Plebiscite, they wanted a Free Vote which is more respectful, cost efficient and MPs doing their jobs. Now a postal vote Plebiscite is suggested which is so much more insulting, the question probably rigged to lose and it will still cost taxpayers $39 million.

Late last year due to much lobbying and campaigning a Plebiscite was voted down in the Senate. Rodney Croome, Just Equal, Rainbow Families and PFLAG did this because LGBTIQ people’s rights or any other minority’s rights should never be decided by the general public. A Plebiscite of any kind relating to any groups rights is insulting, degrading, expensive and unnecessary. Any changes to the Marriage Act have always been part of parliamentary process and changes involving same sex attracted couples should remain part of the parliamentary process.

The reason PFLAG parents object to a non compulsory postal vote Plebiscite is because:

1. It is ineffective and inefficient

2. Most people will not bother participating in the vote

3. It is absolutely insulting to our sons and daughters to have their rights trivialised in such a manner

4. A free vote still costs zero dollars

5. The above proposal will still cost $39 million which is still a total waste of tax payer’s money

6. A proposed Plebiscite was voted down in the Senate last year

7. A postal Plebiscite does not require legislation

8. The only people who will vote are those against marriage equality, not those to whom it is a non issue which will automatically skew numbers and not show the real figures as we and the government knows

9. This is a 100% way of ensuring marriage equality is a failure

10. The electronic Census was a dismal failure, why would this be different?

11. It won’t capture a representative of the population’s views

12. The vote can get lost in the mail, or mixed up with junk mail

13. People on holidays or moved won’t receive the envelope

14. How would they ensure it’s a free and confidential vote?

15. If the envelope is lost in transit, can people vote in person at polling booth?

16. It’s insulting to put an issue of human rights in the mail box with junk mail advertising

17. The people of this country want the politicians to do their job, not outsource it to people’s letterboxes

To voice your concern go to and let Malcolm Turnbull know you expect a FREE VOTE from parliament not the insulting and demeaning treatment that will come if a voluntary postal vote goes ahead.

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