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This vlogger faked the set and hired an Ellen Degeneres lookalike so he could appear on his favourite talk show.

Polish vlogger and motivational speaker Lucas Jakobiak might just be the world’s biggest Ellen fan.

This man was so desperate to appear on his favourite talk show, he spent three years building a replica set, arranging a camera crew and hiring the perfect Ellen lookalike, Beata Skokowska, to interview him.

He told The Mail Online, “I look up to Ellen because she has the courage. That’s why I chose her. I’ve been called a genius and a creep.”

He shared the full interview on his YouTube channel, Lucas Jacobiak Be Awesome, which has now attracted over a million views.

During the interview, Lukas tells “Ellen” all about setting up this project and the power of visualisation. They even have a dance together.

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