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UgandasmallCampaigners have expressed concern that Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill could be passed within the next 72 hours. The bill calls for the death penalty for homosexuals.

The bill has been subject to a number of public hearings and is said to be in the final stages of the legislative process.

MP David Bahati first introduced it as a Private Members’ Bill in 2009, but its penalties were not as far-ranging at that point and it was never passed into law. Worldwide outrage meant that Ugandan president Yoweri Musveni ended up abandoning it.

Where previously the proposed bill called for the death penalty only for HIV-positive people who had same-sex relations, people caught having gay sex more than once and people who slept with ‘disabled’ same-sex partners, it now covers anyone who has previous convictions or who has gay sex with someone under 18.

At the moment homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment in Uganda.

You can sign a petition to President Musveni here:

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