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Two California high school students became America’s first lesbian couple crowned prom king and queen this weekend.

Rebecca Arellano and her girlfriend, Haileigh Adams who both attend Patrick Henry High School were announced king and queen respectively.

Prom king, Arellano said: “They were chanting my name and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had”

The girls received an amazing amount of support from students, staff, family, and friends at school.

Arellano said one of the teachers told her: “Today, school is a bit better because of you girls.”

The couple have received some negative feedback though from some anonymous individuals on facebook who claim they are “embarrassed” and think it is “wrong for a girl to take the spot as king.”

Miss Arellano said in response: “There’s no other way for us to run as a coupe.  It’s not really fair for us not to have the right to run as a couple.”

Both girls came out in their first year of high school and soon began a relationship.  Both their parents were supportive when they came out.

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