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malaysiaflagIslamic laws in the two states of Pahang and Malacca in Malaysia are set to change and will punish Muslims who engage in homosexuality.

Homosexuality is already punishable by law in Malaysia, and individuals can face up to 20 years in prison, but planned changes by religious authorities would give the governments more power.

Mohd Ali Rustam, Malacca’s chief minister tod Reuters: “So many people like to promote human rights, even up to the point they want to allow lesbian activities and homosexuality.”

“In Islam, we cannot do all this.  It is against Islamic law.”

He further stated that penalties would apply to those who “supported” homosexuality and that gay Muslim people would be required to attend counselling.

The leading cleric of central Pahang State, Abdul Rahman Osman said: “Islam prohibits deviant sexual orientation or behaviour.”

“Appropriate action should be taken to address these problems.  We fear that this abnormal behaviour will be regarded as a norm.”

This comes after the cancellation of Malaysia’s annual sexual rights festival in Kuala Lumpur last week, after police said it could create public disorder.

About 60% of Malaysia’s population are Muslim and Islamic laws are used as a yardstick for behaviour of followers.

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