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Autobiography of 21-year-old transgender activist Nevo Zisin is about gender and everything that comes with it.

Black Dog Books (an imprint of Walker Books) are thrilled to officially announce the release of “Finding Nevo” – a passionate, raw autobiography written by 21-year-old transgender writer and activist Nevo Zisin. “Finding Nevo” will be released on 1 May throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Identifying as non-binary, 21-year-old student Nevo Zisin wasn’t born in the wrong body. Nevo just wants everyone to catch-up with all that Nevo is. As long as they can remember, surrounded by family, friends and privilege in Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs, Nevo was on a journey to find their identity.

At the age of 15, Nevo first came out, identifying as a lesbian. Surprised but not completely shocked, Nevo’s family, along with the Jewish community, struggled but always supported. Ever the outspoken activist, Nevo didn’t shy away from bravely communicating their feelings or making bold announcements: from wearing shorts under their school dress, to writing a gutsy Facebook post announcing their transition to present as a man at the age of 17.

Preferring to be identified using gender-neutral pronouns such as “them” and “they”, Nevo knows the journey has far from ended. They continue their work to help change social norms, educating the community about transgender and non-binary identities, and providing support to the LGBTQIA+ community.

A timely and important book, with the recent controversy over the Safe Schools program reinforcing the need for issues surrounding gender and sexuality to be discussed openly, this is easily set to be one of the Young Adult reads of 2017.

“A gorgeous coming-of-age story about one person’s journey to discover themselves. Zisin is a compelling storyteller with a delightful and exciting new voice.”

Clementine Ford

“Finding Nevo shines a light beyond the darkness of prejudice, discrimination and bigotry and into the bright futures awaiting LGBTQIA+ people … Open and honest storytelling … Finding Nevo gives us an insightful, moving and educative account of growing up outside the gender binary.”

Mama Alto

You can pre-order the book on Booktopia!

About the Author
Nevo Zisin is a 21-year-old activist, student, writer and public speaker with a particular focus on issues surrounding gender, sex and sexuality. Assigned female at birth, Nevo has had a complex relationship with gender, transitioning as male at the age of 17, undergoing different medical interventions and now identifying outside of a female/male gender binary. They work particularly with children as a youth leader and running programs and workshops in schools. They are also a contact point in the Jewish community for other children and families confronting issues of gender and sexuality in their own lives. “Finding Nevo” is their first book.



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