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Footwear Apparel maker Tanzania Hogan is set to make history with the launch of her new LGBT shoe line Aselee Ra’ain.

Exclusively designed for the trendsetting community, Aselee Ra’ain shoes and boots will be made available around the world for online ordering beginning in June to celebrate gay pride month.

“I can’t walk a mile in your shoes, but I can support you every step of the way,” are words of encouragement that every parent should tell their children, who is gay lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender, explains VP Maurice Spillers.

This eponymous brand bridges families and friends together that expresses the right to love with no judgement. Hogan’s vision is “I can’t walk a mile in your shoes, but I can support you every step of the way.”

The new, black, soft leather loafer is sure to be a hit in the community, this shoe can be worn by both male and female, all sizes and is suitable for formal and casual wear.

The black infinity boot makes perfect for everyday wear, with the pride colors on the sole of the shoe complete with handcrafted tough leather, for the durable you. Just by the appeal this boot will be a favorite in the workplace with many employers requiring their employees to wear black protective foot wear.

Aselee Ra'ain

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