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Religious exemptions have been proposed in terms of same sex marriage.

Last year, the Government issued marriage equality legislation as part of its attempt to run a plebiscite on the issue.

The legislation would have allowed legal discrimination by civil celebrants and faith-owned businesses specifically against same-sex couples.

Prominent members of the Government have said this should go further to include all businesses where the owner has an objection to same-sex marriage, and even government employees.

LGBTIQ Australians are now being urged to have their say on proposals to allow new forms of legal discrimination against same-sex couples in return for marriage equality.

Advocacy groups just.equal and PFLAG have released a national survey asking LGBTIQ Australians their views on whether civil celebrants, businesses and government officials should legally be allowed to refuse their services to same-sex couples on the basis of religious values or personal conscience.

The survey was designed with the assistance of social scientist Dr. Sharon Dane. Just.equal national campaigner, Ivan Hinton-Teo said, “The national survey has been designed by experts and will provide the most accurate representation of LGBTIQ community opinion possible.”

PFLAG national spokesperson Shelly Argent is urging every LGBTIQ Austrlaian to participate in the survey.

“The terms and conditions attached to marriage equality matter to each and every LGBTIQ Australian and the final decision about where to draw the line should lie with everyone who is affected, not just with small groups of politicians and lobbyists.”

To participate in the survey, click here.

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