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stpeterThe Russian city has passed a law, introduced by the United Russia party that fines people who promote the LGBT community to minors.

Fine range from 1,000 roubles (£20) to 50,000 (£1,000) if broken, it was passed by an overwhelming 27 votes to 1.

Polina Savchenko, General manager of Coming Out, Russia said: “By combining homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality into one law with sexual crimes against minors, members of the Legislative Assembly indulge in gross manipulations of public opinion.

“Organizers of public events cannot restrict access of minors to any open area; people under 18 can be there just by chance.  Consequently, it makes any public campaigns aimed at reducing xenophobia and hate crime prevention impossible.”

A recent poll shoes that 43.5% of Russians supported the re-criminalisation of homosexual acts.  Nikolai Alexeyev of described the new law as a “disgrace”.

He said: “It theoretically allows the ban of anything anywhere where kids could be present.”

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