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UgandasmallRecent reports have suggested that ‘BN’, the Ugandan woman who has so far avoided deportation from the UK on the grounds that she is a lesbian and therefore unsafe in her home country, may not be gay after all.

Her most recent appeal makes no reference to her sexuality, only stating that she has been portrayed as a lesbian in the media.

In her first court case it was announced that BN was in a long-term relationship with a Canadian woman, but she subsequently failed to remember the woman’s name. She also failed to describe the interior of a popular London lesbian bar that she had claimed to visit regularly. Both of these admissions led to the original judge ordering her deportation. A public appeal and campaign, including support from MPs and a statement from Whitehall, gave her the opportunity to remain in the UK temporarily and forge a final case for asylum.

In the latest appeal, she does not claim to be a lesbian, but argues that the publicity surrounding her ordeal (which does) will put her at risk in Uganda, where she will still be thought of as a homosexual. BN’s legal team informed the Sunday Times that the risk now lies in “a widespread national public perception of the applicant being homosexual.”


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