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Singer-Songwriter and LGBTQ+ activist, Ryan Cassata, just dropped his new album, The Witches Made Me Do It.

The folk-rock concept album brings difficult topics to life, such as the oppression of minority groups. As The Witches Made Me Do It is Ryan’s way of challenging a tense political climate, he has also managed to touch on topics relating to love.

By David Yerby

The groundbreaking and thought-provoking lyrics are written by the musician himself, as well as Jeni McKenna, and reveal what falling in love while the world is in distress feels like.

Additionally, the album is a beautiful nod to the LGBTQ+ community, as it touches on the concepts of self-discovery, growth and the pursuit of self-healing.

Discover Ryan’s Catcher in the Rye music video from his new album here:


And listen to The Witches Made Me Do It here.

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