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With the country currently in Covid-19 lockdown, why not pass the time by deep cleaning your home? Let’s start with the bathroom.

We only (hopefully!) do what I call ‘surface cleaning’ daily which comprises just wiping surfaces down a few times a day, bleaching your toilets, running the hoover round and cleaning where there has been a spillage but, let’s be honest, we hardly ever roll up our sleeves and undertake a proper deep clean.

Today we’re going to deal with deep cleaning your bathroom, your home’s principle germ generator and incubator. You’d be astonished at the bugs and germs that stay in here and grow! These germs can make you very ill indeed, so it is important to stay on top of them!

If you have children, those squeezy bath toys which deliver hours of bathtime fun to your little ones actually harbour fungus! YUK! Heat and humidity cause the fungus to grow and so this sort of manky fungus is found in 80% of rubber ducks!

Make sure you squeeze out excess water every time they are used and sterilise them frequently by filling up your bath with hot water and using a steriliser solution such as those used for babies’ bottles. Chuck all the toys in and leave to soak overnight.

A build up for hair, skin and soap scum can build up in the u-bends of our sinks, showers and bath plugs. DOUBLE YUK! Use a pipe cleaning brush to remove any blockages. Then, simply pour some bicarbonate of soda crystals down followed by some white vinegar which then creates a paste by reacting together. Next, pour boiling water down the plug hole. It’s chemistry, baby!

Toilet flushes ARE THE MOST DISGUSTING BUG SPREADERS in your home and I can’t even begin to tell you how much urine and faeces can be found on them. Spolier alert: it’s a lot.

Due to my son still having toileting issues because he is autistic, I still have to wipe him so I always wipe the flush afterwards with an antibacterial wipe. Every bathroom should have a packet of these wipes along with a bottle of bleach for daily use (I use bleach every night in all my toilets to soak overnight) and my must have is the Duck plastic toilet brush where you use disposable pads to clean and the flush away. Toilet brush holders actually make me gag at what germs and – let’s face it – residue of poo they harbour, so these are a must must must in my house and I have one in each bathroom. I also have them at my boyfriend’s home too!

Invest in a steam cleaner (you can purchase these from as little as £25) so you can literally blast the dirt and those pesky germs away without chemicals. Use them on grout that is starting to go mouldy, tiled floors, especially around the base of your loo, around your taps where they start to go black. They are fantastic.

Laundry bins are also another germ and bacteria hoarder where the dead skin we shed stays in our clothes. I personally only have wooden laundry bins with no inner lining. If your laundry bin has a lining, remove it and wash it every single week.

Make sure you deep clean your bathroom every week and I WILL BE CHECKING UP ON YOU.

Stay safe people, and I’ll be back with some more handy cleaning tips soon.




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