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Stop whatever you are doing!  Ryan Cassata, has a new song and music video coming out.

The 25 year old actor, singer-songwriter and trans-activist who we featured in a recent video interview is going on tour. After the success of his 2018 release “Daughter”which gained over 300,000 streams on Spotify and nearly 500,000 views on YouTube, Ryan has composed a new queer song.

“Bamboo Plants” comes out on 23 August on all streaming platforms. “It’s a cute music video that celebrates queer romance and love, showcasing a couple that moves in quickly together after having a beautiful love at first sight experience,” Ryan explains. “The song will serve as a teaser to my upcoming concept album that will be released in 2020.”

Ryan’s national tour kicks off on August 25th in Los Angeles and with a fundraiser for the LGBTQ+ Center of the Los Angeles homeless program. There are currently 17 planned dates, with the possibility of more being added before the tour ends on 28th September.

Cassata will be performing at venues and festivals along America’s west coast and will also be taking his music and words to the south to perform in cities that rarely have queer events. You can expect the talented artist to give public speeches at some events to spread more awareness and education about the transgender community.

You can find Ryan’s tour dates here, and find out more about the events on Facebook.  The tour is sponsored by TomboyX, Canopy Beyond the Brim, Marvin Guitars, and other switched-on companies that truly believe in his art and which are happy to support queer artists.

More information about Ryan can be found here.

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