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As reported by OutNewsGlobal back in March and filed in the cabinet marked No Sh*t Sherlock, sales of sex toys have soared during the pandemic. This has led to Google searches for intimate playthings reaching stratospheric levels and these searches have been analysed and turned into an article for some light reading.

Searches were limited to the twelve largest UK cities by population and then, looking at the number of searches and sex toy search terms within each city, boffins calculated the number of relevant searches per 100,000 population.

Searches for DILDO came out top in every single city surveyed while COCK RINGS languish firmly in the relegation zone in every British conurbation. Come on cock ring manufacturers! You need to up your marketing game.

But which city is Britain’s kinkiest? We can reveal that the city with the most sex toy Google searches in 2020 is…drum roll please…MANCHESTER! Yes, folks, out of the seven search categories researched, Manchester topped the chart in four of them: vibrator, dildo, whip and rabbit with a whopping 7,488 searches per month per 100,000 population. It’s surprising that Mancunians have the energy for anything else.

Conversely, the good people of CARDIFF are the least adventurous, coming bottom in every category except for the whip (hmm, interesting you naughty Welsh boys and girls) with a pathetic 1,716 monthly searches per 100,000 residents.

Just across the water from Cardiff, the stats confirm that the fine upstanding burghers of BRISTOL can take pride in taking top spot in the anal charts, claiming an impressive first place in searches for butt plugs. Ouch.

And returning to the north-west of England for a moment, those cheeky Scousers have lifted LIVERPOOL to the number one spot for searches for handcuffs.

Massive thanks to our friends at for commissioning this data.

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