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Life is full of change and this year, 2020, more than any other we are being forced to see things from different perspectives. Valuing what we have rather than what we want, appreciating the small things and counting our blessings have risen on the agenda and it’s now not uncommon to hear friends and family talk about what feels right to them rather than what they feel they ‘should’ be doing.

As a Life Coach and Homeopath, this shift has made my heart sing amongst the moments of sadness and despair we have witnessed at this difficult and challenging time.

In my personal clinic work at the start of lockdown I felt as if those in the alternative and complementary health, wellbeing and coaching professions were in the eye of a storm. A hurricane has a predictable path, but Covid-19 was a different entity – who knew where it would travel?  I found myself having more conversations with patients about natural alternatives to boost and support immunity, patients who, like me, wanted to be proactive about their health. After all, personal wellbeing is our greatest asset, right?   

So, there we were as an industry, the homeopaths, the coaches, herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopaths all waxing lyrical about the wonders of natural medicines, supplements and being in harmony with nature in order to not only improve physical wellbeing but mental health too.  Surprisingly (or not depending on your stance!) at a time of a health crisis the government took no part in raising wellbeing higher up the agenda and like-minded professionals began to get riled by this.  We know our approach is both needed and valued.  

You see what we were witnessing was a shift. Not just a small shift, but a mighty cataclysmic, tectonic plate-sized shift in which people were coming to us, wanting to take control of health, wellbeing and life-choices. This time in lockdown was being used to reassess, evaluate, clarify and make plans for the future.  The mind-body connection had been ignited and the fire in the belly for better times was well and truly lit!

The move away from acceptability towards passion and purpose is real. 

As a Coach, I have two streams to my work, the general public and a niched business coaching Therapists and Healers.  What I have noticed during this pandemic has been:

1 – This time in lockdown has forced our hand. Time to think is a powerful gift.  We evaluate what we are doing and question if it works or not.  If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, goes the saying, but here as a nation we are well and truly broken. People are thinking about not just what they earn, but deeper, value-driven goals, such as what is my purpose in this world?  What is my legacy going to be?  What is my footprint?  How can I earn enough and be happy? What will my children think about what I actually do rather than what do my elders think? The move away from acceptability towards passion and purpose is real. 

I have found that many people who were in contract work, or been furloughed have breathed a sigh of relief that fate has dealt them this time to reassess what was actually not working.  I have heard of babysitters deciding to retrain as teachers, relationships ending because that sense of duty was no longer heart-felt and I’ve worked with a cancer patient who has decided that deep forgiveness is the best way to move forwards.

2 – Those who love what they do, such as therapists or healers, actually want to be higher profile in their passions, doing more of it, singing profusely about the benefits and value of looking inwards, whilst paradoxically looking outwards to a deeper connection with nature and sharing ad infinitum about the joy and wonder of the mind, body and spirit to heal not only itself, but the impact of health in communities and towards the planet. The ‘pause’ in our old normal has led to nature being our best friend.  Many people have reassessed life paths and choices whilst connecting more with the big, wide world and all her glory and Mother Nature is well and truly valued.  

3 – People are getting braver, bolder, more aligned with their truth, their personal missions and personal responsibilities.  Black Lives Matter pushed ethics higher up the political agenda, the younger generation were already more woke on anti-racism and LGBTQ+ rights than their parents but now the narrative has been passed up the generation chain and in coaching sessions I’ve had amazing conversations with people who want to carry on the good work and raise awareness, choosing to live a life more meaningful and kind.

This is why I love being a Life Coach, you see coaching is all about enabling the client to unleash their true potential within.  By asking questions that are solution-focused I can have conversations that make a big impact, push you out of your comfort zone to places you only dreamed of, but coaches hold your hand along the way, acting as a critical friend, a confidante, (okay and part devils-advocate!) The rewards for a client are life-changing, but as a coach they are enriching and immensely satisfying and help to make the world a happier, more resolute and harmonious place.

Jo Permaul is the Founder of Resilient Therapists

She is also a Homeopath and Life Coach

You can reach her via the websites of follow her on @resilienttherapists or @jo.homeopath

Jo won a Gold Award at the Jane Loves Awards in 2020.

Link for my campaign #projecthealthenation on Instagram  and wellbeing tips here  HEAL THE NATION CAMPAIGN – Resilient Therapists – Coaching for Therapists

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