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poland-250x250The largely Catholic country Poland is set to introduce civil partnerships in a move by the countries ruling centre-right party Platforma Obywatelska (PO).

The legislation, which is currently in draft form, will give a range of benefits to gay couples that are currently only available to heterosexual couples.

These include medical rights plus access to pensions and inheritance, however some important rights such as adoption and tax benefits are missing from the bill.

It is a surprise move by the PO party who opposed a similar bill last year, but some see it as a way of preventing full marriage equality should the European Union push for further same-sex recognition across the continent.

The move is not unchallenged in the country with many of the countries religious right voicing their opposition. Justice minister Jaroslaw Gowin and members of the reactionary Law & Justice Party, claim civil partnerships will undermine the institution of marriage.

Opinion polls currently show that nearly 80% of Poles oppose gay marriage, and pride parades have been cancelled in Warsaw and elsewhere over safety concerns.

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