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Edging, orgasm control, orgasm denial, peaking or surfing: the sexual practice that allows one to delay an orgasm. It’s all about getting you right to the tippy top but not letting you release. Makes my legs quiver just thinking about it. 

“But why!” 

Some people find that this technique makes their orgasm more intense.  Edging can be an exciting way to play with your partner, a sexy way to make them want more and maybe even beg for it. Yes…BEG!

Here’s how it goes:

• A person is stimulated almost to the point of orgasm (“the edge”).

• Stimulation is then reduced, so that the person does not actually climax. 

• Stimulation increases, bringing the person to the edge again. 

This goes on until the person wants to reach orgasm.

There are different methods to edging:

You can start and stop – when you are about to climax you stop for 30 seconds then resume.

Men: When the man is about to climax, he or his partner gently squeezes the tip of his penis and stops stimulation for 30 seconds before continuing. 

Women: Women can “edge” by focusing on physical sensations during sex. When they feel they are about to reach orgasm, their partner can stop stimulation or change its intensity.

Before you try this with a partner, talk about it. I’m all about communication first. It’s important to know what they may like or dislike about delaying orgasm. You’ll have to compromise; one of you may want to edge for a long time, which can become tedious for the other partner. So talk about it, then try it, enjoy and be safe!

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