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220px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaGay rights campaigners are still collecting signatures for a card to thank US President Barack Obama for supporting gay marriage.

Over 68,000 people from around the world have already signed the card, which LGBT rights group will deliver to the president at White House in Washington DC today.

AllOut are collecting the signatures in response to Obama’s public support of gay marriage, a first ever for a standing president.

‘This is an incredible, historic moment with huge implications globally and in the US,’ said Andre Banks, executive director of

‘As many countries around the world continue to ban same-sex marriage and 76 nations criminalize people because of who they love, President Obama has just stood up to boldly say that all love is equal.

‘This story is going to be told around the world and President Obama – and journalists on every continent – must know that millions are on his side.’

‘This time, Barack Obama put aside politics and was brave enough to stand up for what’s right. We can show other leaders that they too can take a stand

‘This is not just about marriage. It’s about the universal power of love to change hearts and minds,’ said Banks.

You can sign the card here

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