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raoulmoatShotgun killer Raoul Moat had a secret gay lover, The Sun reported today.

Carl Redford, 34, came forward last night, telling the tabloid that Moat had been cheating on his girlfriend with him before his shooting spree last year.

Redford claimed that the two of them had a four-year affair. He said: “Raoul had a certain image, and being gay didn’t fit with that. He found me attractive and I was flattered”.

Moat committed suicide last year after shooting his ex-girlfriend, her new lover and a police officer, with a sawn-off shotgun. Chris Brown, 29, was killed while Samantha Stobbart, 22, and PC David Rathband, 43, were seriously wounded.

Redford met Moat through his cousin, who was a friend of Moat’s then girlfriend, Marissa Reid. The two men met in 2002. Redford said, “We got very friendly and we became closer and closer… I could tell from very early on that he liked me”.

Moat soon began visiting Redford up to three times a week for sex.

Redford told The Sun that, by the time of Moat’s shootings, their affair had cooled off. He said, “The steroids had warped him. He started getting freaked out and his mood swings got worse”.

Redford said that, although he was first sad about Moat’s death, he then thought, “ ‘Good riddance’. He was a bad man”.

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