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After receiving criticism for avoiding the question of homosexuality and sin, Farron has now clarified his opinion on the matter.

After receiving criticism for refusing to answer whether or not he believes homosexuality is a sin, leader of the Liberal Democrats party, Tim Farron, has now clarified his position on the matter.

He has stated that he does not believe it is a sin to be gay. He says the reason he has been asked about this matter repeatedly is that he is a practising Christian.

Tim Farron told The Guardian that he is very proud of his party’s record on LGBT rights. He said the issue of homosexuality and sin is “not a statement that I make, this is something I get asked because of my faith”.

Calling himself “a liberal to my fingertips”, Farron emphasised that his main cause in life has been “celebrating people’s right to be who they are, to love who they love, to marry who they marry”.

He said that although equal marriage legislation was a positive step forward, there is still further work to be done in order to achieve full legal equality. He explained:

“It doesn’t include full equal marriage for people who are transgender and our fight for rights and freedom will continue.”

He added:

“We should never be complacent about freedoms that have been hard fought for LGBT people, and for other minorities too, including religious minorities, protecting people’s rights to be who they are.”

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