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“I really don’t understand why we’re the only little enclave of the country that can’t do it.”

Game Of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn is so passionate about same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland he’s even considered going into politics to achieve it.

Nairn, who plays popular character Hodor in the hit HBO show, described Northern Ireland’s failure to pass equal marriage as a “disgrace”. It is now the only part of the UK in which same-sex marriage is not legal.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, the out gay actor revealed:

“I really don’t understand why we’re the only little enclave of the country that can’t do it. There’s so much other horrible shit happening in the world at the minute, I think it’s the least of their worries. I think we need to get it sorted out as soon as possible.”

He also admitted that he had considered a career in politics.

“Of course I have had thoughts about going into politics. I certainly don’t mean now, definitely not, but in the future who knows? It seems the DUP who are, or were, the predominant party, haven’t exactly done my community any favours.”

He added:

“I definitely would be prepared to make the change myself if it’s going to help my community and help other people. I’ve thought about running for office for later in life, not for now. I definitely have something to say.”

In addition to his successful acting career, Nairn works as a drag queen named Revvlon, while his mother works at LGBT+ support service, The Rainbow Project.

As well as an improvement in the rights of LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland, Nairn would like to see a separation of Church and State. He explained:

“I am a big advocate for completely separating Church and State – I don’t think it has any business in political decisions. I think a lot of problems in this world would stop if people could stay out of other people’s business.”

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