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lgbtlabourWhilst the government may face a fight against back-bench Tories in order to pass to same-sex marriage bill that was introduced today, the co-chair of LGBT labour is confident that the majority of Labour MP’s will vote yes. James Asser said:

“We are very pleased to see the publication of the bill to introduce equal marriage after a very long period of discussion.

“I’d ask everyone to contact their MPs ahead of the vote. The opponents of equal marriage will be very vocal and are bombarding MPs with letters and messages; the LGBT community must ensure its voice is heard too. There are still lots of MPs to persuade and the bigger yes vote we get in the Commons the greater the chance we have of winning in the Lords, which will be a bigger hurdle.”

“Huge progress has been made over the last 15 years for LGBT equality and this will be another important milestone on that journey. We’re contacting all Labour MPs to ask them to vote yes to equal marriage and we’re confident that the vast majority will support it and ensure it gets passed.”

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