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gayattackA lesbian couple says they are victims of a hate crime when they were attacked and called anti-gay slurs in the early hours of Saturday morning at Atlanta Pride’s host hotel, according to a report by Fox 5 in the USA

Kathryn Katalinich and Brooke Creef told the TV news station that two men pushed them to the ground because they are gay while they were at the W Hotel in Midtown located at 14th Street.

“It’s just ridiculous there is so much hate,” a tearful Katalinch told Fox 5.

The couple said “words were exchanged” with two men as they were getting into a cab. Creef said she was pushed to the ground and then Katalinich was also pushed to the ground and her knees were scraped. She said her attacker was laughing.

The two said when they started screaming for help, the two men ran away. Katalinich and Creef also said they were distressed that people were sitting around and nobody came to help.

Tracy Flanagan, spokesperson for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, said surveillance video from the hotel is currently being reviewed.

“The deputy needs to view some video before completing the report,” Flanagan said Monday.

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