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Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has shown a moving display of support for the LGBT community.

Hillary Clinton yesterday met privately with the families and friends of the 49 people who died last month in a mass shooting in Orlando.

The attack took place at the gay nightclub Pulse. Dozens more were injured in the attack. The shooting was the deadliest in modern US history, and the largest massacre of LGBT people in the USA too. Clinton said LGBT people “are more likely than any other group to be the targets of hate crimes.” She also called for changes in gun laws, especially for assault-style weapons.

The Washington Posts reports that Clinton stated: “We need to acknowledge and be very clear who this attack targeted.

“It is still dangerous to be LGBT in America,”she added. “We have to stand against hate and bigotry… We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

During a roundtable meeting later in the day, Clinton promised to “promote the kinds of changes that will prevent this from happening to other people, other families and other communities.”

Mayor Buddy Dyer led the roundtable meeting and said, “We need to better understand how we come together, that we are stronger when we appreciate the similarities that we have and don’t focus on the differences.”

After the sombre meeting with the families, Clinton went to Pulse to leave flowers at the memorial for the shooting victims outside of the nightclub. The club and the fencing that now surrounds it have become a large memorial to the victims.

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